Annual Trips

Annual Trips

As SLK Foundation we recognize mental health is equally important to be strong during challenging times. We are proud to sponsor annual pilgrimages that SLKPA has arranged with patients and family members (who are also a suffering & pressurized end of these types of long running conditions). Patients and family members may feel a wide range of different emotions. Here we do our best (With medical aid in priority) elevate you mentally and emotionally and give strength to stretch best to cope.


2017 -Annual pilgrimage to Kataragama

We are proud to have sponsored the lodging for about 250 SLKPA kidney patients and their family members!


2018-  Annual pilgrimage to Somawathi Vihara


2019- pilgrimage to Anuradhapura

Sponsored Kanchuka puja & two days programme at Thooparama,Ruwanweli seaya and Sri Maha Boadiya with 250 participants organized by SLKPA