Our Valuable Testimonials

I am Buddhist monk from the sacred Mahiyangana Raja Maha Temple, one of the most venerated Buddhist Stupas of Sri Lanka enshrined with Buddha’s hair relics, situated in Mahiyangana in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka.
The SLK Foundation, an association of Sri Lankans in United Kingdom of which I am a patron of, is doing a great service to Sri Lankan kidney patients through the Samastha Lanka Kidney Patients' Association.
I would like to take this opportunity to explain importance of supporting patients. These missions to provide welfare of CKD/CKDu patients are sponsored by the SLK Foundation, an association of Sri Lankans in the UK.
About 3 years ago, I started having hemodialysis and now, I must have hemodialysis twice a week. One treatment we must do is at our own expense which is very costly. After becoming a member of the Samastha Lanka Kidney patient's Association, I was able to get additional hemodialysis which provided me great relief. However, there are many kidney patients in Sri Lanka like me who needs help. By Supporting SLK Foundation you are not only providing great relief and strength but also saving a number of vulnerable lives.
Sri Lanka is burdened with an epidemic of chronic kidney disease (CKD).There are approximately 2.2 million Kidney patients in Sri Lanka. CKD presents massive challenges for patients and their families. Living under the poverty line means they are unable to afford relevant care or pay for dialysis treatments /transplants.