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Our Mission

The values that motivate SLK Foundation towards meaningful support for CKD/CKDu patients.

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Dignity, Opportunity & Hope

SLK Foundation

If you could give a patient a healthy life, would you? SLK Foundation has put giving at its forefront, Specifically giving to chronic kidney disease and chronic kidney disease of unknown cause patient’s in Sri Lanka. Many CKD/CKDu patients are burdened with difficulties in accessing healthcare, a steady income or a suitable meal. SLK Foundation works with Samastha Lanka Kidney Patient’s Association to bring awareness to renal diseases, as well as actively helping to provide dialysis units, erythropoietin injections, and day to day needs for comfort.

Our Causes

Aid and projects we offer to kidney patients thanks to all the selfless efforts and donations.


Dayada 2024

Dayada is the primary annual fundraiser for the SLK Foundation. 100% of the event's donations will go towards the well-being of kidney patients. Let's make Dayada 2024 a memorable night while improving the lives of kidney patients. We will provide continuous updates on the funds raised. Let's exceed the £15,000 target and make Dayada 2024 a record-breaking year.


Renovate a Clinic

We plan to renovate the Kidney unit's clinic at Base hospital Dehiaththakandiya due to its current poor condition. The estimated cost for this project is £5,000. Our goal is to improve the clinic's internal facilities, enhancing the hospital's ability to provide top-quality healthcare services to patients and their families. This renovation will include redesigning the layout, upgrading the infrastructure, and improving accessibility for individuals with kidney disease.


Financial Support for 10 Families

We aim to provide financial support to ten families with members undergoing kidney disease treatments. We will offer them Rs.5,000 per month for a year. Kidney diseases often involve significant medical expenses, such as dialysis, medications, and, in some cases, organ transplants. Our support can help alleviate some of the financial burden these families face, enabling them to concentrate on the well-being of their loved ones during this challenging period.

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When all seems lost, and there is no hope left, we must stay strong until it is found. Become a part of our team of valued volunteers that work to bring comfort and safety to the lives of vulnerable chronic kidney patients. We’re constantly rewarded with positive results that encourage the work we carry out.

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Dayada - Annual Fundraiser

SLK Foundation’s annual fundraiser: an evening packed with renowned entertainment, and authentic Sri Lankan food, while fundraising and presentations take the lead to raise donations for the CKD/CKDu patients

We are an organization made up of a determined group of individuals to help the kidney patients of Sri Lanka. We provide Sri Lankan hospitals with dialysis units and support the patients with Dialysis kits, Erythropoietin injections and their day to day needs.

Dayada Project Income and Donations to Sri Lanka

  • Dayada Income (£)
  • Donation Sent out to Kidney patients (£)


Our Valuable Testimonials

Ven. Marassana Saddhananda Thero

Resident monk of Leister Buddhist vihara
Advising to this organisation gives me great pride to watch the humane services rendered by SLKF to the poor and needy people of Sri Lanka

Dr. Malini Fonseka

Senior film actress/producer and former member of Sri Lankan Parliament
My congratulations to the SLK Foundation for continuing the mission of supporting kidney patients through many activities    

Nuwan Sameera

Kidney patient
After becoming a member of the Samastha Lanka Kidney patient's Association, I was able to get the hemodialysis treatment  which provided me great relief.

Kalasuri Sathischandra Edirisinghe

Senior film actress/producer
Missions to provide welfare of CKD/CKDu patients are sponsored by the SLK Foundation, an association of Sri Lankans in the United Kingdom.

Dr.Sanjaya Heiyantuduwa

Consultant Nephrologist & adviser to SLKPA Association
SLKPA in Sri Lanka is supported by leading Sri Lankan artists, Cricketers, Doctors and volunteers.SLK foundation in UK is the main supporter of our charity

Our Packages

A deep and emotional insight into the good work of SLK Foundation.


Support for Education

Support for Education (Kids of a affected family)
£ 9 / Month
  • Kids live in poverty and they need education aid
  • Members of CKD patients are eligible
  • Monthly support for all basic school education needs
  • Progress feedback

Help a family

Support an Affected Family (For the Families that are affecting from CKD)
£ 19 / Month
  • Long term conditions effects family economy
  • Less earning ability for the family
  • Monthly nutrition support contribution for patient and family
  • Peace of mind for the affected family

Eat right, Live strong

Provide meals for patients who come to our weekly clinics
£ 49 / Month
  • Long day, thin pocket
  • Special dietary needs for CKD/CKDu patients
  • Clean , Nutritious meal to regain the strength after treatments
  • Easy accessibility for food.

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We change lives of needful and it counts on…


Dialysis Sessions


Regular Medication for patients


Meals provided


Annual pilgrimages/ Trips

Our Team

The determined people that were brought together with a common cause: to improve the health and wellbeing of CKD/CKDu patients in Sri Lanka.