Our Impact

What we have done so far along the way.

If you could give a patient a healthy life, would you? SLK Foundation has put giving at its forefront. Specifically giving to chronic kidney disease and chronic kidney disease of unknown cause patients in Sri Lanka. Many CKD/CKDu patients are burdened with difficulties in accessing healthcare, a steady income or a suitable meal. SLK Foundation works with Samastha Lanka Kidney Patient’s Association to bring awareness to renal diseases, as well as actively helping to provide dialysis units, erythropoietin injections, and day to day needs for comfort.

Fundraisers conducted by SLK Foundation so far to help the needed.

  • Dayada 2017 – 1st Fundraising Event
  • Dayada 2018 – Our 2nd major fundraiser
  • Dayada 2019 – Our 3rd fundraiser
  • Dayada 2020


Donation campaigns conducted by us

  • Monthly donations to CKDu Families in Sandamadulla
  • Food Offering campaign conducted at Kandy National Hospital
  • Food Offering campaign conducted at Mahiyanganaya Base Hospital
  • Food Offering campaign conducted at Dehiaththakandiya Base Hospital

Other Activites conducted by SLK Foundation to help CKD/CKDu patients

As SLK Foundation we recognize mental health is equally important to be strong during challenging times. We are proud to sponsor annual pilgrimages that SLKPA has arranged with patients and family members (who are also a suffering & pressurized end of these types of long running conditions). Patients and family members may feel a wide range of different emotions. Here we do our best (With medical aid in priority) elevate you mentally and emotionally and give strength to stretch best to cope.

  • 2017 – Annual pilgrimage to Kataragama
  • 2018 – Annual pilgrimage to Somawathi Vihara
  • 2019 – pilgrimage to Anuradhapura ( Sponsored Kanchuka puja & two days programme at Thooparama,Ruwanweli seaya and Sri Maha Boadiya with 250 participants organized by SLKPA )

Our previous Reports

  • Dayada Income (£)
  • Donation Sent out to Kidney patients (£)

Dayada - Annual Fundraiser

SLK Foundation’s annual fundraiser: an evening packed with renowned entertainment, and authentic Sri Lankan food, while fundraising and presentations take the lead to raise donations for the CKD/CKDu patients


Dialysis Sessions


Regular Medication For Patients


Meals Provided


Annual Pilgrimages/ Trips

Our Testimonials

Meet Our Amazing Team Members

Ven. Marassana Saddhananda Thero

Resident monk of Leister Buddhist vihara
Advising to this organisation gives me great pride to watch the humane services rendered by SLKF to the poor and needy people of Sri Lanka

Dr. Malini Fonseka

Senior film actress/producer and former member of Sri Lankan Parliament
My congratulations to the SLK Foundation for continuing the mission of supporting kidney patients through many activities    

Nuwan Sameera

Kidney patient
After becoming a member of the Samastha Lanka Kidney patient's Association, I was able to get the hemodialysis treatment  which provided me great relief.

Kalasuri Sathischandra Edirisinghe

Senior film actress/producer
Missions to provide welfare of CKD/CKDu patients are sponsored by the SLK Foundation, an association of Sri Lankans in the United Kingdom.

Dr.Sanjaya Heiyantuduwa

Consultant Nephrologist & adviser to SLKPA Association
SLKPA in Sri Lanka is supported by leading Sri Lankan artists, Cricketers, Doctors and volunteers.SLK foundation in UK is the main supporter of our charity