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Monthly Donation Campaign

Make your kind donation and aid our donation campaign to help CKD /CKDu patients


Support for Education

Support for Education (Kids of a affected family)
£ 9 / Month
  • Kids live in poverty and they need education aid
  • Members of CKD petings will be eligible
  • Monthly support for all basic school education needs
  • Progress feedback

Help a family

Support a Affected Family (For the Families that are affecting from CDK)
£ 19 / Month
  • Long term conditions effects family economy
  • One less earning ability
  • Monthly nutrition support contribution for patient and family
  • Peace of mind for the affected family

Eat right, Live strong

Provide meals for patients who come to our weekly clinics
£ 49 / Month
  • Long day, thin pocket
  • Special dietary needs for CKD/CKDu patients
  • Clean , Nutritious meal to regain the strength after treatments
  • Easy accessibility for food.